December 8

Can a Metal Roof Pay for Itself in Five Years?

We have installed dozens of new metal roofs for less than $5,000 out of the homeowners pocket. The insurance pays for the shingle portion of it, but the upgrade to go to metal, the out of pocket cost from the homeowner was less than $5,000. 

See how you can Use Your Insurance Claim to Get a New Metal Roof >

How You Can Save

Now we understand that $5,000 still is a substantial amount of money for homeowners to pay out of pocket. And you might ask, “What are the savings that I can expect by installing a Panel-Loc Plus metal roof on my home?” 

There's two types of savings that a homeowner will typically enjoy after we install Panel-Loc Plus roof. 

1. Energy Savings

The first one is energy savings. The manufacturer of the Panel-Loc Plus system suggests that homeowners may save up to 40% on their energy usage. Typically that's going to be throughout the summer months where we have extreme heat here in Texas. 

We have a homeowner that we have recently installed a roof for west of Fort Worth that contacted us saying they have seen an average of over $100 month savings on their energy bill. Now, your home may be different. The savings may be less than that or the savings may be even more than that. That all depends on the insulation in your attic. 

I have spray foam insulation under my roof decking, so my home is extremely well insulated. When I put a metal roof on my home, I did not notice as much energy savings. But if your home has minimal insulation, or a lower R value of insulation, you will notice more radical energy savings.

2. Class 4 Discount

The second type of savings that you should experience (and that I enjoy!) was my Class 4 discount from my homeowner's insurance. I have Texas Farm Bureau insurance as my insurance carrier. The annual premium on my previous policy when I had shingles on my roof was around $2,400. 

After they applied the Class 4 discount because of my new metal roof, it saved us $550 a year on my premium. That was an average savings of about 20%. Most homeowners insurance will average around 20% savings on their annual policy. Contact your insurance agent to see exactly what your savings would be. 

In my case, my premium went from $2,400 down to $1,850 annually. So I saw a savings of $550 annually. 

So all together, a new metal roof could save you $1050 per year. 

In this scenario, a new roof could pay for itself within 5 years (over $5000 in savings). In years 6 to 10, you could save an additional $5000.

Estimated Metal Roof Out of Pocket Cost: $5000

Estimated Savings Over 5 Years:$5000

After that, the savings just keep on adding up year after year, as your lifetime metal roof continues to protect your home!


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