December 8

Can I Use My Insurance Claim to Get a New Metal Roof?

You can use your shingle roof insurance claim to get a new metal roof.

Here’s how it works:

So we've met your insurance company at your property, we've inspected your roof, and we found along with the adjuster that your roof was affected by recent storm damage and your roof needs to be replaced.

In this scenario, you want to go back with a new metal roof. You don't want the traditional shingles that keep getting damaged by our frequent hail storms here in Texas. 

In this example, we're talking about a simple low pitch roof that does not have lots of valleys or angles and is generally pretty simple. We would recommend the Panel-Loc Plus system, which is a Class 4 impact resistant metal roof panel. 


If your shingles cost $10,000 to replace, your insurance company will deduct your deductible. In this instance, we have estimated that the deductible might be $2,000 (that’s what it is on my home). 

The depreciation they will also deduct based on the age of the roof. So if your roof is about eight years old, and the insurance company says that your roof has a 30 year lifespan, they will depreciate about 20% of that roof value.

So your insurance company will withhold the $2,000 deductible, which is the homeowners responsibility, and they're going to withhold the $2,000 depreciation. The initial check you receive from the insurance company will be for $6,000. 

Now once we complete the roof, and after all the repairs are completed, they're going to pay the recoverable depreciation of $2,000. At this point, the insurance company will have paid you a total of $8000, and you will have paid the $2000 for your deductible. 

Now the typical upgrade on a Class 4 impact resistant Panel-Loc Plus metal roof system on a simple home is typically around $3,000 for the entry level panel. So that's going to be an upgrade cost of $3,000. 

Your $3,000 plus your $2,000 deductible is going to give you a total out of pocket cost of $5,000. 

So in this scenario, we have just installed a Panel-Loc Plus system on your home for a total amount to us of $13,000. The insurance paid $8000 for their portion and you paid $5000 for your portion.

Your $5000 cost includes the $2,000 deductible and a $3,000 upgrade for a Class 4 Panel-Loc Plus impact resistant metal roof.

While you had to pay $3000 more out of pocket to get a new metal roof, you could easily save that much in reduced energy bills and insurance premiums over the next 5-7 years.

See How a Metal Roof Can Pay for Itself in 5 Years >


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