December 8

Does My Roof Have Hail Damage?

How To Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Suppose you just had a hailstorm come through your area. How can you tell if your roof has hail damage? 

Fortunately, there may be telltale signs that you can see around your home, without climbing onto your roof.

1. Gutters:

Your gutters may have dents. Now this could be attributed to what's called mechanical damage, i.e., a weed eater or lawn mower bending the gutter. 

In the video above, this example is more consistent with what hail damage would look like with a driving wind from the east. Hail could impact this and create a dent on the downspout of your guttering.

2. Window Screens: 

It's also very typical for hail to dent and impact windows screens. 

3. Vinyl Siding: 

Older vinyl siding can become brittle, and prone to damage from hail impact.

Those are three areas where you may be able to spot hail damage: Gutters, window screens, and vinyl siding. 

From our experience here in North Texas, we find that most homes with roofs over 5 years old show signs of hail damage.

If you want a professional opinion, reach out to us for a free hail damage inspection.


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