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Who are we?

Family Owned

& Operated

At Texas Metal Master, we believe in the power of honest relationships.

As a customer, you are treated like family. We work hard to get to know your needs and work with you to plan, design, and install a roof that lasts a lifetime. We believe our difference is in quality, and that quality starts with our service. As part of our family focused, God-honoring values, we work hard to provide the beautiful, quality roofing you need, with the service and support that you deserve.

Company Overview

Owner, Nathanael, is a 3rd generation roofer.

With a long family history in the roofing industry, 3rd generation roofer, Nathanael, started his own company, Texas Metal Master, in 2015. Today, with hundreds of projects and highly-satisfied clients under their belt, Texas Metal Master continues to work hard to bring you the Five-Star rated service they are known for.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or just add some reliable protection to your roof, Texas Metal Master has experience in everything from full roof replacements, to brand-new construction to large commercial projects. 

Our Mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest level of customer service while using premium quality materials with industry leading warranties.

Nathanael Troyer

Owner, Texas Metal Master

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Texas Metal Master

Why Metal Roofing?

A Quality roof is one of the most important investments you'll ever make.

It keeps you protected from weather, builds value into your home, and gives you that enviable curb appeal you’ve been looking for. But a quality roof is more than value and looks. At its best, it’s peace of mind. As a 3rd generation roofer, Nathanael is well-qualified in providing high-end metal roofing solutions to homeowners, that function as great as they look!

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