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Rain, Hail, Shine: How Metal Roofs Conquer Extreme Weather Conditions

Several years ago an EF 2 tornado ripped through Burleson, Texas, damaging many homes. While other roofs sustained substantial damage, one of our customers reported his roof unscathed. His Panel Loc Plus metal roof from Texas Metal Masters appeared to be in perfect condition.

In the face-off against wild weather, metal roofs are champions. While traditional asphalt shingles can fall apart under a heavy layer of ice or warp in the Texas heat, metal roofs are more than up for the challenge. 

What's the secret behind this durable roofing material? Let's unpack how metal panels hold up when extreme climates throw their worst at them.

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

Back in 2022 Fort Worth got over 9 inches of rain in two days. That is a lot of water flowing down over a roof. While homeowners with shingle roofs may have been a little nervous, homeowners with quality metal roofs could relax.

Unlike asphalt shingles, which are more prone to leaks and absorption, metal sheds water like a duck's back, ensuring your home stays dry and cozy even in the midst of a deluge.

flood events can affect shingle roofs

Winter Wonderland or Winter Woes?

Here in North Texas, snow and ice don’t visit often, but can pack a vicious punch when they do. Winter storm Uri in 2021 was one of those storms. Nicknamed Snowmaggedon, North Texas experienced up to 2 feet of snow.

Initially, snow is not a problem for most roofs. If temperatures are cold enough, it simply rests on the roof like a blanket. However, once the snow or ice starts to melt, that’s when your roof gets tested. With shingle roofs, moisture from slowly melting snow can creep underneath shingles, causing nasty roof leaks. It’s under those conditions that a metal roof can give you extra peace of mind.

Metal roofs have continuous panels running all the way from the peak of the ridge, down to the gutter. This greatly reduces the chances that slow moving water can find a way to seep into your attic.

metal roofs are a great choice for ice and snow

Hail’s Not Scary

Imagine the terrifying crackle of hail, each pebble a potential battering ram. With asphalt shingles, this scenario spells disaster. Punctures, cracks, and costly repairs are all too common. But metal? It scoffs at hail.

One of our customers reported that his metal roof withstood 2 inch hail without showing any signs of damage. It’s a testament to how durable and hail resistant a good quality metal roof can be.

It makes sense that metal roofs are a popular choice in North Texas.

metal roofs are hail resistant

When the Wind Howls

While hail might be the most common cause of shingle damage, wind damage is right up there with it. Especially as shingles age, they are prone to getting brittle and breaking off in the face of our Texas “breezes”. 

A quality metal roof can withstand high winds without difficulty. When it comes to withstanding extreme wind, properly installing the metal roof is critical. Skimping on corner trim is like leaving your gate open and expecting your cattle to stay in the pasture.

Our metal roof panels, properly installed with all the correct trims, can easily fend off 100+ mph winds. It all comes down to doing the job right.

metal roofs can withstand high winds

Beyond the Weatherproofing

Metal roofs do more than shield you from storms. They can last a whopping 40 to 70 years, outliving your typical three tab shingle by decades. 

Our favorite roof panel is the Panel Loc Plus. This roof panel comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind.

a new metal roof from by texas metal master

Metal Roofing: A Wise Investment

The clear winner for protecting your home against extreme weather is metal roofing. Metal stands resilient against torrential rain, hailstorms, scorching summers. Its longevity, energy savings, and low maintenance make metal roofing a smart investment, shielding your home for many years.

Metal is not simply weather resistant; it's essentially storm proof. With a quality metal roof, you can be prepared to confront whatever nature sends your way.

If you’re interested in getting a metal roof for your home, contact us for a free estimate.

Either call the number at the top of this page, or hit the button below to get a quote. We’d love to serve you! 


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