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What are the Different Kinds of Metal Roofs?

There are four types of metal roofing: Standing seam, corrugated, ribbed, and specialty. Let’s take a look at all four, then we’ll tell you which one we recommend for 90% of our clients.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

standing seam metal roof

This may be the most well known of all the metal roof types. This type of roof panel is a narrow panel. The panel interlocks with the adjacent panels at each edge. The fasteners are covered by the adjoining panel, creating a roof without visible fasteners.

It's essentially a flat panel, except at the edge of the panel where it interlocks. Whereas ribbed panels are typically about 36 inches wide, standing seam panels are only about 18 inches wide.

While they can offer a sleek, attractive look, they do require more labor than some types of metal roofs, making them less affordable.

Our preferred standing seam panel is called the Horizon-Loc, which comes with a lifetime paint warranty from the manufacturer.

Corrugated Metal Roofs

corrugated metal roof

While this type of roof could technically be used in residential applications, it’s not very common in modern roofs. Corrugated metal roofs have the old fashioned wavy profile. 

There is no flat plane in the panel. It’s a continuous set of ribs going up and down, like waves in the ocean. This type of panel is best reserved for use as an interior decorative panel when you’re trying to achieve an old fashioned look.

The design of the classic corrugated panel is not very advanced, and is more prone to leaks. We do not recommend using a corrugated panel for the roof of your home.

Speciality Metal Roofs

specialty metal roof

Speciality metal roofs can mimic the look of cedar shake, tile, or even slate. The individual panels are often much smaller, and require a lot more time to install than a more traditional metal roof.

While it’s not unusual for customers to ask for a specialty roof quote, almost all of our customers end up selecting a different type of metal roof.

For most people, the additional cost of these specialty metal roofs are simply not worth it.

Ribbed Metal Roof Panels

ribbed metal roof panel

Ribbed metal roofs are by far the most common type of metal roof that we install. The panel is typically about 3 feet wide, and has a rib about every 12 inches.

Commercial or agricultural panels usually have a larger rib, whereas residential roofs typically have a smaller rib.

The ribbed metal roof is hands down our top recommendation for most of our clients. It’s durable, it looks great, and it has excellent durability.

The ribbed panel is also more affordable than specialty or standing seam roofs, making it an excellent value.

Our preferred panel is the Panel-Loc Plus. This panel typically comes with a lifetime paint warranty, giving our customers peace of mind.

Our clients love it too. About 90% of the roofs we install use the Panel-Loc Plus system.

Final Thoughts

metal roof repair contractors

In conclusion, we do not recommend corrugated roofs for residential applications, both from an appearance and reliability standpoint. Specialty and standing seam roofs are great, but too expensive for most clients. 

The ribbed panel is by far the best value, and the type of roof panel that most of our customers choose for their homes.

Here's a video that shows our installation process.

If you're thinking about upgrading to a metal roof on your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free estimate

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